Journeymen's Dawn is a future graphic novel whose concept was conceived by Mason Perry in November 2008. The story follows the main protagonist, Captain Kayden Taffe, during the time of the conflict between The Democratic Republic and The Free System Alliance.




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In 2103 mankind makes a tremendous discovery, a new habitable star system on the far side of the Milky Way. That same year human colonization of this system begins. During the first voyage to this system the name Journeymen's Dawn (Journeymen's Dawn System) was adopted for the system. With in 10 years after its discovery, Journeymen's Dawn had a fully functioning government and many of its planets settled. By 20 years after the discovery most the planets had cities sprawled about their surfaces. During 2125 division inside the government started to appear. In 2128 eventually the system's government fractured into two factions; The Democratic Republic and The Free System Alliance. Both factions are fighting to be

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